Cargo hotel

Our modern warehouse is adapted for APT pallets and for non-APT loads.

IT system supports managing entrusted loads, it constructed to let every person who takes part at the process knows the goods status at the warehouse. It let’s to plan distribution easily.

Transshipment – a form of optimization of the transport process.

From the analysis of the market we can conclude that companies that have in view of cost optimization are looking for different types of solutions. In transport, the service of transhipment can be dictated by several conditions:

  • Parcel consolidation is the process of combining smaller parcels sent in a similar direction into one larger one, so that transport is more economical and efficient. This is usually done in transhipment depots.

This cost-effective solution primarily saves space in the warehouse and in the vehicle transporting the goods, and therefore brings financial benefits: more space = more shipments that can be handled. Consolidation also allows for much faster logistical support than could be the case for single small packages. So it is definitely worth using this method of forwarding goods or use the services of a professional company that deals with the consolidation of transported shipments.

  • Another carrier.

If they are able to tranship, they may tranship to another means of transport. This option has its economic justification in cases of:

– the carrier who receives the cargo does not need to have permits for CIS countries. He reloads it and hands it over to a licensed carrier. Loading goods from Poland eliminates the need to have permits for third countries and the close distance from the border allows you to save on transportation and each party is satisfied,

– the scheduling of transhipment at the end of the driver’s work to another (vacated) means of transport ensures continuity of deliveries.

Knowing why to do this is undoubtedly necessary to decide whether it will pay off for us..?
The second question is what and how to do it…
In this I see the advantage of our company JMP, not only do we know what but thanks to a wide range of transporters we can perform the most complex transhipment operations.

Temporary storage warehouse

We have the ability to reload and store loads in our warehouse, as a place recognized by the Customs Office.

The cargo entering the territory of the EU at each border point is subject to the transit procedure (T1, TIR etc.). For various reasons (suspension of payment of customs duties (customs duty, excise duty, VAT), lack of documents, transhipment, further sale… etc.) the goods are not always immediately reported for final clearance / release for free circulation.

Thanks to our solution, customers can store their loads with us from the time the customs procedures are completed.

Place recognized

For other customs-approved goods which are in the process of transport, not intended for storage. Customs procedures can be performed on the means of transport. For this purpose, we have created and made available a recognized place (designated by the customs authorities).

Thanks to this solution, the customer (owner, carrier or Customs Agency) can make a customs declaration of an import or export in the so-called simplified procedure at this point. As a result, there is no need to transport loaded vehicles to the premises of the Customs Office.