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Temporary storage warehouse-another milestone in the pursuit of the goal.
Contract logistics consists of a number of elements creating complementarity of services.
I am pleased to inform you that the Chamber of treasury administration in Białystok has given us permission to operate a temporary storage warehouse. This is undoubtedly one of the key elements that allows us to” cultivate ” contract logistics in an even better way.
Goods entering the EU at each border point are subject to the transit procedure (T1, tir, etc.). For various reasons m.in. through suspension of payment of customs duties, customs, excise, VAT, lack of documents, transhipment, further resale, the goods do not always have to be declared for final clearance (marketing authorization). MCS this is part of a process that brings with it many opportunities in building the competitive advantage of our customers.
What are the benefits of implementing storage as part of the transport process:
1. Customs duties suspended.
We do not have to pay customs duties at the time of arrival of the cargo. We are free to circulate these funds until the need to release the goods on the market. In the case of further export, payment of the duty shall be released and transferred to the consignee.
2. Another carrier.
If they are able to tranship, they may tranship to another means of transport. This option has its economic justification in several cases:
* the carrier who receives the cargo does not need to have permits for CIS countries. He reloads it with us and gives it to a licensed carrier. Loading goods from Poland eliminates the need to have permits for third countries and the close distance from the border allows you to save on transportation and each party is satisfied,
* scheduling the transhipment at the end of the driver’s work to another (vacated) means of transport ensures continuity of deliveries.
* possibility of customs clearance in export-having a place of recognized and temporary storage warehouse, you can make customs clearance on the spot. No need to leave and wait in line at the customs house. Undoubtedly, it speeds up and streamlines the whole process. Documents are agreed in advance, and the waiting time of the carrier is reduced to a minimum. Transport planning based on these possibilities takes on a different dimension. A solid calculation of the costs, as well as the benefits of saving time and your own commitment, should give you an answer as to whether it is worth using a storage service.
The way I act is the result of many years of experience and meticulous observations of the processes occurring on the market. From where I am today, I can see all the way that I have come here and with a clear conscience I can offer responsible cooperation. Behind me is not only experience, but also the desire to improve and offer ambitious projects that will solve their problems for my partners and bring me professional satisfaction.