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warehouse temporary storage customs warehouse

Temporary storage warehouse and customs warehouse

Thanks to the permit for temporary storage issued by the Podlaskie office of Customs and treasury in Białystok, we have the opportunity to run a […]

склад временного хранения

#MCS – #temporary storage

Temporary storage warehouse-another milestone in the pursuit of the goal. Contract logistics consists of a number of elements creating complementarity of services. I am pleased […]



By the decision of the Chamber of Treasury administration in Białystok, we received a permit for a recognized place to present goods to customs For […]

контрактная логистика

“There’s a sandpaper in here for now, but it’s gonna be…”

Our goal is to build contract logistics from the ground up. We carefully observe the environment in order to provide our services in an even […]

food storage

10 basic principles of good food storage.

I think that everyone should know the rules of food storage, and here is their Decalogue. The certificate of entry in the register of establishments […]

magazynować wasze towary spożywcze


We are pleased to announce that our warehouse has been entered into the register of establishments subject to the Official Control of the State Sanitary […]



As the result of #BREXIT since 01/01/2021 there have been changes in the cross-border traffic from the UK. What does this mean for goods exporters […]


#WMS system

#WMS system – a new dimension of warehouse management, who is it for and what for? It’s a warehouse IT system that supports the management […]

centrum logistyczne bialystok

It’s on! #update

We are happy to announce that as #jmplogisticscenter we’ve received all permits and we can work. We can implement our ideas and take on the […]

Centrum Logistyczne JMP - Przeładunki i Magazynowanie

Who are we and how it started?

JMP’s activity in the industry of forklifts and construction machinery has began in 1997. The experience we gained allowed us to appear on the market […]