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For other customs-approved goods which are in the process of transport, not intended for storage. Customs procedures can be performed on the means of transport. For this purpose, we have created and made available a recognized place (designated by the customs authorities).

Thanks to this solution, the customer (owner, carrier or Customs Agency) can make a customs declaration of an import or export in the so-called simplified procedure at this point. As a result, there is no need to transport loaded vehicles to the premises of the Customs Office.

The infrastructure provided to our clients (access to cameras and a guarded place) may result in the fact that customs clearance will not be limited by the working time of the Customs Office. Customs agencies are free to carry out the procedures and time depends only on themselves.

The above activities have a very positive effect on the time of the customs clearance itself. The car does not have to spend long hours queuing at the Customs Office. Checks made can be carried out impersonally, which eliminates the need to wait for documents and protects people (COVID-19).