We are pleased to announce that our warehouse has been entered into the register of establishments subject to the Official Control of the State Sanitary Inspectorate.

What does it mean?

We have passed the inspection and we can store your food products in unit packages. 🥳
Under the control of the Health Department, we must maintain the standards of our warehouse and be ready for inspection every day.
You can rest assured about your loads – we will certainly take care of them! 😉

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As the result of #BREXIT since 01/01/2021 there have been changes in the cross-border traffic from the UK.

What does this mean for goods exporters and importers? Are there any reasons for concern?
In our opinion, is not that scary 😉
Below is a short description and a link to the guide describing the whole process. We encourage you to read.

A carrier from an EU member state wishing to provide transport from the UK must have:
* community license
* proof of insurance for the vehicle and trailer
* certificate of professional qualification, driving license and ID card (from 01/10/2021 passport valid for at least 6 months)
* EORI number
* must record each trip in the GVMS

Depending on the customs procedure on which the goods will be cleared, the documents required for the transported goods:
* Prenotification – proof of customs declaration in the EU and in the UK – MRZ or EORI number
* Common Transit Procedure (CTC) – TAD or LRN number
* Temporary Admission Procedure (ATA) – ATA carnet
* TIR procedure – TIR carnet (ordinary procedure) or EX export declaration (simplified procedure)

A detailed guide on shipping after Brexit can be found on the website of the British government

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#WMS system

#WMS system – a new dimension of warehouse management, who is it for and what for?

It’s a warehouse IT system that supports the management of goodsc flow in the warehouse.
It’s time to throw away your sticky notes, binders and a million of Excel files – thanks to us you’ll collect this information in one place, we ensure its free flow and integration between company departments.

When running a production company, you don’t need to hire warehouse workers, maintain a warehouse, equipment and everything else.
We will do it for you – after all, it’s what we’re specialized in!

By handing over loads to us, each of our clients receives access to a WMS system personalized for the services they need.
You reduce the costs of warehouse management and gain a transparent tool – you are in a winning position!

By using our services (and using our WMS system), you gain:
· Ongoing control of your loads in our warehouse,
· Effective identification of goods,
· Shorter order completion time,
· Minimizing the errors occurrence .

Is it worth it? Contact us, let us do this work for you and see for yourself that warehouse management does not have to keep you awake at night.