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Temporary storage warehouse

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We have the ability to reload and store loads in our warehouse, as a place recognized by the Customs Office.

The cargo entering the territory of the EU at each border point is subject to the transit procedure (T1, TIR etc.). For various reasons (suspension of payment of customs duties (customs duty, excise duty, VAT), lack of documents, transhipment, further sale… etc.) the goods are not always immediately reported for final clearance / release for free circulation.

Thanks to our solution, customers can store their loads with us from the time the customs procedures are completed.

The offer is also directed to Customs Agencies

Thanks to this solution, they can benefit from servicing their clients and do not need to have their own infrastructure.

We want to be perceived on the market as a partner that specializes in contract logistics. We have the knowledge, capabilities and infrastructure to carry out all activities related to reloading. We want to share this knowledge and opportunities. In our opinion, each participant in the transport process should deal with their specialization. Cooperation between specializations creates the entire process and each participant in this process is a winner – the win-win principle!