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Cost of lost benefit is a term derived from economics. It means that by focusing our resources on one thing, we are not able to use the same resources (e.g. time) to achieve something else.

This concept fits very strongly into the existence of contract logistics on the Polish market. Evaluation of management models, economics and even everyday life of the grey Smith at the turn of the last years had a great impact on the improvement of household life.
Stereotypes ” I have a manufacturing plant, so I need to have transport, warehouse logistics.,.”they go to the Lamus.

My professional life gave me tangible examples of this, thanks to my work at the university, I was able to interest young people who were starting businesses in the world. The keys that we solved together showed in a tangible way that outsourcing of services is a necessary condition in order to be noticed in the market and to compete boldly in it.

From this point, I would also like to thank my students that together we were able to discover and learn about the reality around us. I am always happy to take part in solutions that can improve the situation or solve the current problem. My college career is over, but my contact remains open.

To sum up “cost of lost benefit and contract logistics”.

– Specializing in production or trade, or not better to focus on what we were called to and the environment in the form of logistics, transport…. leave it to specialists who will do it better, cheaper, faster ?

I often meet with her followers and I am pleased that more and more often these words are spoken with understanding.