As the result of #BREXIT since 01/01/2021 there have been changes in the cross-border traffic from the UK.

What does this mean for goods exporters and importers? Are there any reasons for concern?
In our opinion, is not that scary 😉
Below is a short description and a link to the guide describing the whole process. We encourage you to read.

A carrier from an EU member state wishing to provide transport from the UK must have:
* community license
* proof of insurance for the vehicle and trailer
* certificate of professional qualification, driving license and ID card (from 01/10/2021 passport valid for at least 6 months)
* EORI number
* must record each trip in the GVMS

Depending on the customs procedure on which the goods will be cleared, the documents required for the transported goods:
* Prenotification — proof of customs declaration in the EU and in the UK — MRZ or EORI number
* Common Transit Procedure (CTC) — TAD or LRN number
* Temporary Admission Procedure (ATA) — ATA carnet
* TIR procedure — TIR carnet (ordinary procedure) or EX export declaration (simplified procedure)

A detailed guide on shipping after Brexit can be found on the website of the British government

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